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Our Process

Our Process


Getting access to the right medical care is stressful. Doing it outside your home country is even more challenging. Sansa Health is here to help. We will assist you in navigating the path to getting medical treatment in the United States, and we will do everything we can to ensure you feel comfortable throughout the process. 

Mission: To ease the burden of scheduling medical treatment abroad through personalized, professional support.

Once Sansa Health receives your information from USAppointment, please follow the steps below to complete your scheduling process: 

1)  FIRST CONTACT – from USAppointment to Sansa Health

Sansa Health will be in touch with you by email within 24 hours.  Please:

  • Indicate the name of the cancer treatment center and/or the name of the doctor with whom you would like us to schedule your appointment



Once Sansa has received your response, a second and third email will be sent with:

  • Waiver to be signed electronically

  • Link to Paypal for Sansa’s fee



If you decided to use the professional medical translation option offered to you by USAppointment, you will receive a translation estimate. Once approved by you, a Paypal link will be sent for half of the total estimate price. Please pay this as soon as possible. Translation should take approximately 7 business days from the day of your approval, depending on the size of the files. You will be notified when translation is complete. A Paypal link for the remaining payment will be sent to you. Please note that the final cost of translation can vary from the estimate, due to word count. 



Your case will now be presented by Sansa Health to the hospital/cancer center to schedule the first appointment(s) with your new doctor. We will be back in touch with you very soon regarding pertinent medical and financial information requirements. Once you hear from us, your Sansa Health representative will be available to help you with:

  1. Completing and submitting hospital forms, which will be sent to you.

  2. Understanding hospital costs and deposit requirements.

  3. If necessary, providing additional information requested by your medical professional.


Your Sansa Health representative will be available to help you with these forms, documents, and other information throughout the whole process, as well as helping you organize your accommodations in the United States.

Sansa's Fee

US $1,000 for services

  • Coordinating translation of medical records (third party, charged separately), if translation is required.

  • Transference of medical records to the hospital/cancer treatment, and follow-up.

  • Monitoring your case with hospital/cancer treatment center up to first appointment.

  • Scheduling appointment(s) and assistance with forms and required documentation.

  • Lodging advice and help with booking – short or long term.


Please note:  This fee does not include the cost of translation or any hospital/doctor appointment(s)/service(s), which will be charged separately.

Go back to USAppointment to see details of your scheduled appointments:  http://www.usappointment.com/preparations-for-your-trip/