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Regardless of the quality of medical care in their respective countries, patients diagnosed with cancer want to ensure they receive the best possible treatment. Many of these patients look for hospitals in the United States due to their advancements in cancer treatment.

Scheduling appointments with the right doctors can be a long, difficult, and inefficient process at a moment when time is of the essence. By helping our clients navigate the U.S. medical system, Boston-based Sansa Health simplifies and hastens that process.

Undergoing medical treatment is stressful. Doing it outside your home country is even more challenging. Sansa Health is here to help. We will assist you in navigating the path to getting medical treatment in the United States, and we will do everything we can to ensure you feel comfortable throughout the process. We designed the relationship between Sansa Health and USAppointment to ensure seamless transition of each particular case to the United States.

Mission: To ease the burden of scheduling medical treatment abroad through personalized, professional support.

Sansa Health provides our clients with the following key advantages:

Efficient coordination of existing medical records/exam results

  • Preferential pricing and expedited service with professional medical translation company

  • Elimination of unnecessary delays in getting documentation ready for review by the medical professional in order to schedule appointment(s)

Scheduling the appointment(s) at top U.S. hospitals or cancer treatment centers

  • Assistance with hospital forms, required documentation, and helping our clients understand payment arrangements with hospital/medical professionals

  • Optimization of the appointment due to organized medical records


  • Help with accommodations

“…We had assistance and care during the whole time...before, during and after the treatment, always with special care and thoughtful consideration with all of the details…..” - Ianna Prudente (mother of Julia, age 12)

“…In Boston, we counted on the help of Suzanne Panico of Sansa Health..…Her help left us feeling much more comfortable…..” -Rogério Stefani (Father of Beatriz, age 14)